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Dearest clients,

One century has nearly passed since 1926, when we set up our House of Ecclesiastic Art and Design.
During these years, we have established a reputation as being a responsible, creative and reliable business, which, above all, respects the spiritual aspect of our services.
The result of so many years of persistence in the field of artistic creativity has given us a deep understanding of the ecclesiastic environment and particularly the sensitivity involved. Furthermore, it has given us vast experience along with the responsibility in the making of ecclesiastic products, furnishings, icons and design.

We deal with each client professionally, studying his every need and the details of the space. We offer practical solutions concerning the furnishing, craftwork and icons, maintaining a balance between practicality and the Orthodox Christian Tradition.

With our professional technical staff and the use of only the finest raw materials, we create elegant craftwork, equivalent to that of the Byzantine and Russian prototype.

The material we use are precious metals, precious and semiprecious stones or stainless steel metals, which, once have undergone specialized treatment, are molded in 1000o silver or 24K gold and are subsequently varnished to ensure they remain unaffected by the passing of time.

We have become recognized worldwide for our high quality, reasonable prices and the impeccable design of our products. This fact has resulted in an ever increasing number of clients entrusting us both domestically and internationally.

This trust has also given us a deeper sense of responsibility and obligation towards our clients and friends and therefore we have published a new catalogue, one which we proudly present.
The sacred craftwork and furnishing which you will find in the catalogue are manufactured in accordance with Orthodox Christian tradition, and, although timeless, have been adapted to contemporary times.

We manufacture and offer our products directly to our clients, with personalized service and without the involvement of third parties.
We continue to be a family manufacturing and export business, and will remain so until our successors, upon completion of their studies, take the reins.

We attribute our progress to you, our clients and friends, who over the years have honored us with your preference and have placed your trust in us. For this we thank you and promise that for the following decades we will continue with sincerity and personal cooperation.


Από το 1926


Αγιογραφίσεις & Ειδικές κατασκευές

Πρωτότυπες σχεδιαστικές λύσεις αληθινά έργα τέχνης. Αναλαμβάνουμε ειδικές κατασκευές σε οποιοδήποτε σχέδιο και μέγεθος.


By Erinn Hutkin

Brush with Divine

Scaffolds instead of seating fill the sanctuary of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Plastic sheets cover the carpet. The air is thick with the odor of paint. Deep within thw maze of metal in the rooom, near where the altar should be, a small man with glasses perchend on his nose and paintbrushes in his shirt pocket kneels with a can of green paint, helping thw church fulfill tradition with each brush stroke.
His mission could be likened to that of modern Michelangelo. Costas Zouvelos has spent 13-hour days in Roanoke painting 12 scenes – or icons – on the church ceiling.

Costas Zouvelos, of Athens Greece, an iconographer for 60 years, is creating the richly colored scenes on the walls of Holy Trinity.